MEHS Chem Industry has been started its journey as one of the pioneer in the Construction chemicals industry on 2014. Our well organized Admixtures plant situated in Muktarpur, Munshigonj which is only 40 KM away from Dhaka.we are one of the key player manufacturing the Concrete Admixtures in Bangladesh trying to meet the expanding demand of Concrete Admixtures by supplying renowned Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) manufacturer and to the numbers of infrastructures projects like Power plant, water treatment plant , bridges etc.


MEHS is a Construction Chemicals company who produce various kinds of Concrete Admixtures and other construction chemicals. We are manufacturer and formulator of our High Quality Admixtures.

Our vision is to make the entire construction customers to use high
tech, concrete admixtures and we also want to aware the market to
used admixtures in all the construction works.

Our commitment to customer’s service and technical support set the
company apart from its competitors. We are not just the materials
supplier, but a solution provide.

MEHS believes safety is paramount with respect to
MEHS`s products and our interactions with customers.

MEHS deliveries on our promise to customers and
delights in exceeding their expectations.

MEHS works closely with our customers from many
diverse backgrounds and respect deferent beliefs.

Mutual Trust:
MEHS believes in open, long term relationship
delivering mutual value.

we are proud of our heritage, and we want to deliver
future success via our customers successes.

MEHS has a well-equipped Concrete Laboratory in our factory premises to support our customer. We always do batch to batch Concrete Trials with our produced concrete admixtures before supply it to the market. We have longproved track record to do Concrete Mix Design consultancy in all over the Bangladesh. We also offer our customers to use our Concrete Laboratory to their Research and Development purpose.