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MEHS Product Portfolio

MEHS develop and markets as a complete range of admixture and additive for use in concrete cement and mortars.

MEHS’s Systems solution for waterproofing cover the full range of technologies used for below and above ground waterproofing membrane systems, liquid applied membranes, waterproofing admixtures. Retarding Super plasticizing admixture for concrete.

MEHS Heat Reflective Paint is elastic, ready to use paint, when Coated on the roofing materials, reflects sunlight’s UV and IR Rays, We also a recommendation from LEED. High range water reducing super plasticizing admixture.

MEHS supplies Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD). Our PVD principal based on Australia and china. Build on sites which consist of fine grained, saturate4d soils that have poor drainage properties if the soil is not strengthened in advance, the added weight of a new structure will cause water to squeeze out over time the soil layer will then compress of settle as water is removed. PCE based Retarding Super plasticizing admixture of concrete admixture.

MEHS is the first the micro structure synthetic fiber issued by the innovative research program and designed to improved durability and mechanical properties of concrete. High range water reducing super plasticizing admixture for precast concrete.

It is highly concentrated and is suitable for the washing of textiles of all types. Non lonic detergent for Textile and Emulsifying agent for jute industry.